Difference between Instance:GetFullName() and Instance.Name

As it’s mentioned in the title, what’s the difference between Instance:GetFullName() and Instance.Name

GetFullName returns the exact path (game.Workspace.Part for example), and .Name just returns the instance’s name.


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I still don’t get it. What’s the purpose of that when we have to get the path in order to use the function.

You can use it for multiple things, like debugging.
I know i used it for other reasons as well but I don’t seem to remember exactly what they were

Honestly, I’ve never used GetFullName.

In that case, can you show an example?

warn(script:GetFullName()…”: error!”)

It’s just debugging.

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Instance.Name only returns the name as a string, the GetFullName method returns an Instance that you can call in a script

Wrong, GetFullName returns a string.