Difference Between PlayerGui and StarterGui?

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I am having trouble finding the difference between PlayerGui and StarterGui. I checked the forums, videos, and the wiki didn’t make sense at all. I even experimented myself. What I did was make a button and whenever you click it… It goes on a while loop and changes the color to random. So, I referenced the button in PlayerGui and StarterGui and it both worked as intended to. Any response it appreciated! :slight_smile:

Basically in simple terms:

  • The StarterGui is replicated across the Server

  • The PlayerGui is replicated across everyone’s individual client (Or screen)


What @Jackscarlett said,

basically, the server has the startergui, anything edited there will replicate across everyone’s player gui, however, if you were to change something from within a player’s “playergui”, it would only show for them.

You wouldn’t really edit the startergui in scripts nearly as much as you would the player gui, or at least I wouldn’t suggest it.


StarterGui is a service, anything inside it is replicated to each player’s PlayerGui
PlayerGui is an individual player’s GUI, changes to their UI won’t affect other clients

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So if I would like something to happen only to the player that triggered it, I’d use playergui, but if I’d want something to happen to everyone, I’d use startergui?

Not entirely, if you wanted something to happen for everyone, I’d suggest changing all players playerguis instead of directly manipulating the startergui.

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Changing anything within StarterGui won’t do anything. It won’t replicate. So instead, use an event and make sure a local script inside the gui receives it, which will then change for everyone.

-- Server
local Event = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild('RemoteEvent')

Event:FireAllClients('Hello world!')
-- Client
local Event = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild('RemoteEvent')

    script.Parent.Text = string
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The Player’s current GUI objects won’t replicate to the StarterGUI, but you could do FireAllClients with a RemoteEvent instead

But the button background did change color when I referenced the button from startergui

You probably changed it from the Server Side then, unless if you played it on an actual Client screen

Can I see your script? Don’t think it works that way

That’s a UI Object, not a GUI Object what

You didn’t reference to StarterGui, that whole gui is replicated to your PlayerGui and changes client sidedly, not affecting other clients.

I did reference the startergui. Saying script.Parent in a local script inside startergui is referencing startergui because the button is inside the startergui.

You’re correct, but that ScreenGui (and its scripts) is moved to your PlayerGui when you join the game.

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ooooooooooooooooh. I see thanks a lot!