Difference Between Publish to Roblox As vs. Publish Whole Game

My goal is to create an exact copy of my game, but I am confused as to the difference between Publish to Roblox As vs. Publish Whole Game.

Can anyone explain the difference between these two? Thank you!


Hello, probably Publish whole game will publish all places in a game as for publish to ROBLOX as will make only the current place to publish!


tl;dr Read above.

If your goal is to create an exact copy of your game, then you’re looking for Publish Whole Game. The entire game (Start Place + Subplaces) will be published to a location that you select. Publish to Roblox As is a variant of Publish to Roblox that allows you to specify which slot to publish the current place to.

The difference is essentially in the name of the features. Publish Whole Game, Publish [not whole game] to Roblox [As]. Just a fair warning though that some assets (such as private modules, animations, so on) need to be reuploaded even if you use Publish Whole Game. The option will only copy over game assets and the places themselves. No outside assets will be touched.

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Well, I tried both. My game only consisted of a single place.

1. Publish to Roblox As
This worked fine. It duplicated my game and starter place and published it as a new game. Both the game and the place had the new name that I specified.

2. Publish Whole Game
This did not work as expected. It created a game with a new name, but the starter place was empty rather than a copy of my original starter place. Maybe this feature is bugged.