Difference between render distances

I have ran into an interesting issue whether it is Studio Related or what not but I know this is different upon other games. When I am within edit view, the render distance is significantly different from when testing the game itself. Is there a reason why the render distance is so low? I have it manually set to max at all times and when in other games through the client, I do not run into this issue at all.

Any workaround for this issue at all or is it just Studio related? Sorry if this may be in the wrong category. Don’t utilize the forum as much as I should.

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I am pretty sure that studio doesn’t take the client’s render distance since it has 21 levels, so if you want a higher render distance which is constant on studio, go to “Studio Settings” on the “File” tab, then “Rendering” and I think that is where the render distance is.

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I’ve tested on the regular Roblox Client and the render distance is the same whereas on others games, it’s increased significantly so could it be related to part count making the render distance decreased?

I will just assume at this point that at least 10% of those who viewed this, do in fact know the answer, but don’t want to say at all either as it would be a “Waste” of their time so I guess I will never know then.

Have you checked the Workspace.StreamingEnabled property? It seems that it’s turned on by default when you make a new place.


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