Different Clothing for other ranks

Hello there, so I have been trying to script a block which when touched checks if you’re the specific rank in a group and gives you the correct clothing for it (For example everyone above rank 3 gets the “LR Clothing” and everyone above rank 10 gets the “HR Clothing” while everyone below rank 2 keeps their normal clothing). I have been trying many stuff but can’t really find how I should make it work. I have not much knowlege in scripting and just decided to mix some scripts I found in youtube videos to see if it works. So I wanted to ask if anyone could fix this for me. If this is completly wrong Im sorry lol.


In the PantsTemplate and ShirtTemplate try to put only the ID (the number) not the entire link.

Would you mean like this?
Or in ()
Because if you mean it like I typed it still doesnt work.

Not in quotation marks or brackets.

It still sadly does not work. And I dont think that its because of the ID numbers either, as it worked before I added the HR Clothing into the script.

I think it might be because you defined player as game.Players.LocalPlayer and i thing only a local script can do that.

So it might work if you do this:


But i don’t know i haven’t tested it.

Nevermind the issue. The problem was that it was a normal script and I just had to remove the first line as that was for a local script.

Wait, so are you using a local script now?

No, I removed the line which was for a local script. I use a normal script.