Different Color Glow

So I want to create a lightsaber for my game. I have it working as a tool and right now for the blade I have a cylinder with neon material painted light green. Though still clearly a lightsaber the part that’s supposed to be white has a green tint. How would I go about fixing this?

Could you supply a picture of what your lightsaber currently looks like?

For me it just looks nice the way it is.

Here is what I can say for your question
Try adjusting the part’s material and transparency and see what it gives after a few tries.


Go into properties, change the Color3 to 255,255,255 for a pure white.

He wants the actual brick to be white but the neon glow around it to be green. The only way I can think of is using ParticleEmitters instead of a neon brick, but they could be pretty laggy.

Oh sorry I misread, here are too examples:

Uses two shapes to create effect, does leak green into it though but has less performance impact.

40 PM

Simple Saber.rbxm (2.5 KB)

Uses Particle Emitters like @Rietria said, creates better effect of the saber and has less color leaking, but impacts performance when animated.
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Simple Saber 2.rbxm (3.1 KB)