Different icons for Spheres, Wedges, Cylinders, and Blocks

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to differentiate parts of different shapes in the explorer.

The Part class has a Shape property that allows a part to be a sphere, cylinder, or block. There is also a WedgePart class. All of these shapes have the same icon in the explorer, making it impossible to tell them apart at a glance.

Part.Shape should change the instance’s icon appropriately, and WedgePart’s icon should be changed to a wedge.

Since Scripts now have an icon that changes depending on its Disabled property, this functionality should be extended to Parts. I believe part shape should be given priority on changing the icon because it fundamentally changes both the physical behavior of the part and its appearance, and is more important to developers at a glance than other properties.

Here are some concept icons I made using the Brick icon for reference. These can be freely used if desired.

Block Sphere Wedge

The database icon from the Silk icon set could also be used as a cylinder part icon.


I am currently working on a new map for my game and my workflow involves copy and pasting parts rather than creating new parts and setting their properties. It slows me down when I need to back away from what I’m working on to find a wedge or cylinder nearby, and it’s bothersome to always drag around a set of parts to copy while I’m working.

I’d like to leave a folder of common parts in ReplicatedStorage and simply copy out of there as needed, but I don’t want to sacrifice my instance naming convention, need to check Shape or ClassName every time, or manually locate them in the viewport.

For example, I cannot tell which parts are wedges in this folder.
If I could visually identify which of these parts were wedges, I’d be able to leave this folder in ReplicatedStorage while I work and simply copy them as needed.

image image


That would be super helpful in organization


That’ll definitely be much easier to read. Instead of finding a ton of BaseParts with the same icon, arranged in className order and then name order…

Absolute support for this feature.

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I 100% support this!

It’d be super helpful for organization purposes, and would make the platform more professional, looking at engines like UE4 that has separate icons for each primitive type.

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I support this entirely. The more unique icons we have the better. Class icons are important for visual identification, especially since it’s unreasonable to give every Part a unique name.

100% Support from over here!

Sorry for the bump, but having unique icons for Spheres, Wedges and such would be kind of convenient as it can benefit a specific developer/user to determine what each part is by the class icon. I find icons useful for scripts and parts as they help me visualize what they will turn out/look like to be.

I was thinking of having icons for CornerWedge and Truss as they use the same icon as the parts that you’ve listed, if we did have icons for those both, it would also be convenient


It’s worth noting that adornments all have unique icons. Parts should be the same way.



This would still be a nice and simple way to go above expectations for explorer organization in Studio.

It’s currently trial and error for me to find particular parts in models when I haven’t named everything uniquely. Having this icon separation between shapes would help me find important pieces of models faster because wedges and spheres are usually special apart from normal parts in my builds. They’re important pieces I typically want to select from the explorer to tweak the appearance of.


I am once again bumping this topic because it is a must for organization. While it is true that Wedge and CornerWedge do have their own icons now, Parts still have the same icon regardless of whether they are a block, sphere, or cylinder.
On top of that, Roblox has added two new PartShape enums, which would mean that Wedge and CornerWedge would go back to being icon-less if they decide to deprecate the instances.