Different prices for different lengths of audio

Perhaps this was suggested before and a reason was given as to why it cannot happen, but then I must have missed it a long time ago.

I’m always working with uploading gun and game sounds, which are all but 1 - 3 seconds long and I have over 40 of them to upload, yet I’m being charged as much as uploading a 2 minute song clip for example.

Would it be possible to have different categories of prices for different audio file size limits?

15 robux for 10 second or less audio
25 robux for 30 second or less audio
50 robux for 1 minute or less audio
100 robux for 2 minute or less audio

If we could start playing audio from any points (can we) we could make an audio atlas to save money under the current system o3o

Yes please, 100 rbx to upload 3 sec of a gun shot is a ripoff

Why do you have to get all complicated with the pricing? Just do 0.83 Robux per second – that’s the current rate it’s at with 100 Robux = 2 minutes max, rounding up to the nearest whole price of course.

Complicated is always better no :3

Complicated means less likely to be implemented. I’d like to not have to pay 100 Robux for 0.1 seconds of audio :stuck_out_tongue: