Different Textures Bug?

Very confused to why these are the exact same texture and the exact same color, but look competly different? I dont want to union them as thall cause more memory usage, but this doesnt look good at all.
Any reasoning or tips?

It may be the lightning, or the settings you’ve setted up for Studio. Not sure tho

The lighting, color, place, and texture are all the same

Maybe could be a studio bug, Not just saying to post this in #platform-feedback:engine-bugs but… Yeah.

I don’t have any reasoning or tips about it

EDIT: or a engine bug

Check the settings on Studio, it may be that kinda

Strange issue. Can we see more pictures from different angles?

It looks as if the upper brick material is lacking its normal and spec maps, which would be an odd issue to have since they’re both the same material.

Please check the angle of each texture. I know materials such as slate change depending on how they’re turned. This could be an issue like that if not, I’d highly suggest contacting support.

Hey there, now I think this could be a few things. Have you checked that the parts (not texture) are the same? Do they have the same texture and colour? Have you checked that the texture colours are the same? And have you checked the texture transparency? I don’t think that this has anything to do with lighting. Hope this helps.

same color, same texture, same orientation

Maybe, on the lower part, the textures were duplicated? Can you show me the properties of the textures, parts and the explorer? That will help me to see what the issue is.

You have to flip the block that is on top of the other, rotate it so that it is on its side and then return it to the original size, and so the texture remains even without having to join both parts.