Different transparency on both ends of a part

I don’t know exactly where to put this i figure since it is something that is for aesthetic it would be here but i don’t know if this require scripts and if so this would be better in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.
I don’t know if this is possible.

  • What are you attempting to achieve?
    So i want to make a part that is fully transparent at the top of it and get’s less and less transparent the closer it is to the bottom where it isn’t transparent at all

  • What is the issue?
    The issue is that i can’t figure out how to do this

  • What solutions have you tried so far?
    i have searched around the internet and the dev forum but with no luck

I made a window with tint before. You add a decal to a part and change the part transparency and the decal transparency. It will be dark on one side and see through on the other side. I don’t know if this is what your looking for but it could be a start.

well i was thinking that but it would look really weird from above since it wouldn’t be visible from above

You can use a decal like this:

After adding the decal to a part, set the part’s transparency to 1. This will give you the effect that you want.

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there’s multiple problems with this

  • First off you can’t color the image you shown
  • Second off this is the exact same thing as AeePlus3 said to do which i also responded to wouldn’t work
  • Third off you can’t see the back side of a decal meaning the effect is not working for the inside of the part

if you wanted something like this then you can just download the .rbxm file
all i did was adding the decal to the backside and front of 4 parts and the 5th part being the bottom of the part.

if you want to change the decal color then you could just download a white fading decal and change the decal color of that
transparentfadepart.rbxm (3.6 KB)
let me know if u run into some problems with this

you could also remove the bottom part if u didnt want that, just remove the part called “floor”

ima just delete some of all my replies so it isn’t so full of this also if you want for my future games i can give you credit but not for my current popular one