Difficult Obby i made

I made a cool obby that is very difficult for others to play.


I would like for you to give me some feedback of my game


Seems like a good obby from what I’ve seen. Maybe rotate the first spawn 180 degrees so that when you spawn you are facing the obby. Also, I can’t seem to get past the 3rd yellow block jump. Is there a trick to it?


Just jump to the left and you may land on a invisible part, Just continue to the 4th yellow part and you can go

Be careful about making the obby too difficult if you want repeat players.

I have the same issue in my obby. Thanks for the tip!

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You shouldn’t make an obby where majority of the people who play it can’t get past the first level. And with out you telling them where to go the obby would basically be impossible.

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Truly, now the bad Obbies have icons and thumbnails and more players on the servers. But no one knows, there are hidden imagination Obbies which doesn’t have thumbnails and icons in them. This is a superb Obby.

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I havent finished the whole game since i have other things to do so i had to add the difficulties first, I plan to add parts so people can counter these difficulties in the obby. Thank you for the feedback

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