Difficulty Chart Obby I'm working on

For the past week, I have been working on my own Difficulty Chart Obby. Though it’s not released yet, I was looking for some feedback and suggestions. It currently has 108 stages and the game will be released once it will have 300-400 stages.

The lobby right now is actually ugly and I’ll work on it once the stages are finished. Here are some…




You can playtest the game here:

Upcoming features:

  • Checkpoint selector
  • More badges
  • More stages
  • Revamped Lobby

Current stage count: 108

Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated!


In my opinion I don’t really like “Difficulty Chart Obbies” as they are mostly all identical and have no real difference from one another, if you can get players thats good, but try new things that other “Difficulty Chart Obbies” don’t have. Maybe don’t even call it a Difficulty Chart Obby idk.


Lets start with the good points

  • The minimap is a super good thing! I love it i have never seen this in any obby before the % is also interesting
    -the ui looks good, no free ui models like most obbies
  • i wont talk about the length bacause you justified it.

Now , points to change

  • The most important thing here, there are difficulty spikes some stages only need walking but some of them have killbrick wraps all that in the SAME difficulty.
  • Otherwise, thers a couple of misalignments. A good thing to use for that is resize align plugin, it helps alot.
  • Try to go in all directions, dont just go in a straight line go up, down, across, everywhere!
    Otherwise its good just continue doing it and try to not go straigh and use a bigger variety of jumps and less killbricks.
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killbrick spam, make the stages actually have some difficulty to them as oppose to spamming killbricks

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