Difficulty Chart Of Hell


For the past couple months my fellow developers and I at Sol’s Development Studio have been working on a brand new game called Difficulty Chart Of Hell. The game is a round based obby consisting of 6 “difficulties” per obby. Each difficulty is 1 stage long and is a different color, similar to regular DCO’s. The game also has more features such as mutators, cosmetics, and leaderboards.

Here is the game link:


Please respond with honest feedback or suggestions for the game!


Overall seems good, the timer is alright, the obby regen is also nice.

But the progress bar seems to be really glitchy, sometimes when I would die it would freeze until I die again.

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We’ve noticed this issue and will fix it in the future. Thank you for your feedback!

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Ui style isn’t really consistent, you also use 2 different logos for the game for some reason… the game itself is nice and simple. Overall 6.5 / 10


Thank you for your feedback! I didn’t realize we had inconsistent thumbnails/logos. As for the UI’s, we’ll attempt to design them in a more consistent style. :slight_smile:

The game looks really good, but a bit plain. Maybe try giving it something more unique! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you! We’ll try our best to!

The game is fine, but also too simple.


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Seeing as this is a similar trend, we will try to make it more unique!

invitaria a que mas personas se unieran a un proyecto antes que dar una opinion, opinar cuenta tanto como ayudar! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good game so far, try to add a bit more design to the thumbnail. Overall it’s pretty decent.

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Alright we will definitely try to improve that in our next update!

After a couple weeks, we’ve tried to incorporate some new ideas into the game! If you want to, you can test them out.

Hello, I spent maybe 15-30mins in the game for this feedback so I hope I can be of some help.


  • Probably just lower the volume and keep it low because it blasts my ear even with the lowest settings.

Skybox and Obstacles

  • I don’t like the color. It blends too much with the spawn, and at times I get dizzy and nauseous during the obby since I have no sense of dimension in the game.
    Could just be a me thing but I rarely get nauseous from anything but this seems to be a trigger

  • The solid colors and neon colors don’t help much since its so flat. There’s a few obstacles which utilize knowing dimension so you don’t just fall off, and when its all the same color and shade you cant see that.

  • Neon is also used to indicate a hazard and also for aesthetic purposes. Just stick with a purpose because I got confused in some stages if I should step on the neon, or if I shouldn’t. Then there were cases where the color of neon changes from red to blue, even pink, which made it a bit confusing as well.


  • Revive icon can be annoying. I’d say this can be solved depending on what stage you are in. Ex. If I am near the end then that’s when it will pop up.

  • The revive is referred as a Parachute as well? (Takes you to the same area), so maybe just choose a term or properly separate revive and parachute. They have two different functions, which both uses keys, and both take you to the same location

  • The Key GUI is also unnecessary since if you die you are sent to the parachute/revive area, which asks you if you want a key if you die.

  • That difficulty gradient at spawn you can put the names of the difficulty so it makes a bit more sense.

  • Why does donate take you to another game?

  • I read loading screen. - Difficulty of Hell Chart probably fix that to make it more readable
    Note I may also just not know how to read

Foggy Effect

  • Some objects are still neon and highlighted.

Overall I didn’t enjoy the game too much, its not bad just the obby itself is overused and there isn’t anything unique about it. There were at times maybe 5/6 other people with me but they’d just leave 3 minutes in if even less, and even after completing the obby there isn’t much reason to stay if its the same thing over and over again, just in different font.

I’m sure with all the suggestions others mentioned, and taking some of these it will polish your game a bit more.

Much luck with the game,

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Thank you for putting the time into writing such a helpful review.

To answer and respond to all your comments:


  • We will lower the volume of all songs because this has now become a common request.

Skybox & Obstacles

  • We are sorry for making you dizzy! I’m sure it’s not just you. We’ll keep changing the color of some pieces in mind to prevent the loss of dimension. As for the solid and neon, we’ll strive to make it more clear when a neon is a hazard, and when it is a decoration.


  • The idea of the revive ui popping up after you pass a certain point in the obby is very creative and will be helpful.

  • Polishing up the parachute/key/revive system will be one of our top priorities going forward.

  • Donating takes you to another game due to the fact that the Developer Products for donating somehow break the other developer products in the same place, therefore we had to move it to an additional place in the experience. However, we think we have found a way to bring it back to the main game.

  • OMG!! I’m not the only one who reads that funny. Unfortunately, I was not in charge of making the logo for the game… Hopefully my boss will fix that in the future.

Thank you again for all your thoughtful reviews. Holding players is proving to be a constant struggle for us, so with your help, and the help of others, hopefully we’ll spin this game into something everyone can enjoy.

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I don’t like many games, but this one is very fun :+1:. Good job! :partying_face:
EDIT: I also really like the GFX’s. Who made them for you?

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The icon makes it look like it says “Difficulty Hell of Chart”

Maybe I am dumb, or maybe I can’t read, but until i looked at the title It said that.

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yep we will try to fix that in the future!

Thank you!

The GFX maker’s username is Ecliption

I played the game for 15-30 minutes and I like the Difficulty Obby games, however I would not play this game for longer than I did. I’ll list some of my thoughts below:

  • I think it’s very creative how you decided to mix the difficulty obby trend and the TOH trend together. I do think it would’ve mixed better in an actual tower though, keep reading for why.
  • The revive menu is a bit annoying to click off of each time you die it’s also pretty plain and doesn’t have a whole lot of thought put into it. Plus it doesn’t really match the rest of the buttons.
  • Main menu doesn’t really have any point to it and is very plain and boring.
  • All of the UI is kinda bland.
  • The text for the categories in the shop is quite small and may be hard for some people to read, especially on smaller screens.
  • The obby seems quite long for the time that is given, and most players will probably rage quit because of the difficulty. In games like TOH, you can fall and land on another platform and only be a few steps farther back, on here you’ll be straight back to the beginning. Same with the difficulty obbies, there’s checkpoints so you can learn new skills and keep trying until you finally make it. I mean I didn’t ever get to a spot that was too challenging however I’m not your core audience, I’m the top 10%. I also never made it to the last difficulty.
  • The pink stage with a rotating block where you have to go through holes is quite disorientating and it isn’t super clear exactly how to do it.
  • The parachute sign says you need to click the blue key button but it isn’t very clear where that is. I only just found it while writing and it’s just kinda in the middle of the screen, I assume the placement is bugged on my screen however still it looks highly unprofessional and should be addressed.

Thanks for reading, I didn’t mean to be harsh if I was. I hope you can make use of the points I listed and let me know if you have any questions.

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