Difficulty communicating between two local scripts

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Communication between two local scripts.

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The scripts are for a menu system, I have a Surface GUI in starter GUI, adornee is set to an object that my camera is looking at, there is a local script underneath the image button, (purple dot in image 1) which can functionally detect when the button is pressed, and :Fire()s the bindable event, with a test case, I confirmed that scripts works, just fine.

The other script, located under starterGUI aswell, (red dot image 2) is supposed to receive the bindable event, but it does not.


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    Using bindable functions and remote events instead, I’ve looked for other solutions and I am aware there are multiple posts about this, but all of the solutions given I have already applied.

Script under image button.

local btn = script.Parent
local RS = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local Event = RS.MainMenuEvents.TeamsClicked

Receiver portion of other script.

local TeamsClicked = RS.MainMenuEvents.TeamsClicked

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looking at the title of your post the first thing i noticed is that you are using two local scripts , where you could use only one that would do both stuff easily, i don’t know why you did it like this, having one local script would make it 100% easier if you needed to link some sort of communication, i have ALOT of guis, folders, and i create only one single local script to handle all buttons, frames and guis… still, i don’t know better methods than a single local script handling all stuff

Detecting the imagebutton being pressed was another issue I had, running the simple code in my LocalHandler script


Just doesn’t work, I found the only working way to detect the button press on a local script is to have it under the image button, I could be wrong.

Is the Active property of your ImageButton set to true?



As I said, using the configuration I have right now, the Sending script can tell when the image button is pressed just fine.