Digital Civility Scavenger Hunt includes links to potential scams

Roblox recently announced that they launched a online game that aims to teach students about digital civility and online safety, however, this game might cause harm if users actually enter the URLs into the browser, as it’s evident they’re not all existing domains owned by Roblox, some are available still.

Expected behaviour would be to link to a page on the education hub explaining what you did wrong if you actually went to one of the “scam” links.




So that’s actually a very good point. I’ll go ahead and get some Roblox-owned links to improve that in a future update.

Thanks for thinking of our community!


I do not support this game at all, infact I think it shouldn’t even exist, teaching kids how to spot scams is good but when putting up website links, in my opinion it’s going way too far as people could literally make websites with those domains to get kids personal information, to be honest I don’t think roblox should make a Scavenger Hunt based on trying to spot scams as it’s not really needed for kids due to them usually playing friendly games, but in another way it’s good as it teaches people in how to stay safe online but actually giving links to certain websites will still throw some people off into thinking that they could get free stuff.

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I think this causes more harm than good. At least try to get some Roblox-owned links that say something like “You failed the test” or something.

I actually went ahead and updated the game to be Roblox-owned links that redirect to this “warning” page. We believe this addresses any concern in getting “fake” links, but we’re always welcome to feedback. Again, thanks for thinking of others in the community!