Dimension Duels X Update 12/05/2024

DDX update is here! Apologies for the long wait.

  • NEW CARDS! Every missing card, including the recently revealed Clear World support, has been added, alongside new Rush cards and Speed Duel skills!

  • NEW DISKS! 3 new Disks, courtesy of AbysmalAngel, have been added. These are the Crash Town Duel Disk, Scarab Duel Disk, and Gravekeeper Duel Disk!

  • NEW LIFETIME MISSIONS! Obtain new Alt. Arts for Aluber, Albaz, Raye, and more!

  • NEW COSMETICS! New Sleeves, Tokens, Alt. Arts, and Playmats have been added.

  • RUSH FREE MODE! This was a very quick addition to help with hand testing in Rush Duel.

  • ALT. FORMAT REFRESH! The banlist for TCG/OCG/SPEED modes have been updated to their latest versions.

Several bugs have also been fixed.
The banlist has also been updated.

Summon Limit
Baronne de Fleur
Borreload Savage Dragon

Anti-Spell Fragrance

Summon Sorceress (Errata)


Barrier Statue of the Inferno

Excutie Lilius
Triangle Ecstacy Spark
Legend Strike
Legend Magician

Excutie Scramble!
Secret Order