DimwittedSorcery - Community Developer


Hi!, I’m James S, aka. DimwittedSorcery.

So, welcome to my portfolio. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m a British 17 Year Old College Student studying:

  • Politics
  • Computer Science
  • Btec Computing Level 3

Well, that doesn’t really explain a lot about myself and so I feel like it requires a bit more in-depth.

When I started out on ROBLOX, a long time ago. There was some good stuff going for it, we had Base Wars by 8Dued, Tix was thriving and other enjoyable things. So, I started out like a lot of players simply playing and experimenting with studio and to be honest I got hooked, it’s much more about relaxation and enjoyment for me than a way to capitalise on it while helping out other people because if you have the right people working together with you then you can achieve everything. Life sucks, yes it does and it won’t instantly become easy but it can become smoother if you have people helping you through it.

So, what are some of my Talents?

Well, if your still reading I’m going to make a guess that you either liked my backstory so much you decided to continue reading to see my work.

So, while yes my main skill is Classical Victorian Architecture to an extent, I’m not the best but it’s what I enjoy the most and I’ll get round to showing you some of my builds in just a moment. I do have some other talents!

These Talents Include:
  • Beginner to Intermediate Programming
    (Nothing Too Complex, I can do like Cafe Machines and some Pathfinding Haha.)
    However, I’m always down to try and learn a new skill!

  • UI Design
    I make designs on Adobe XD. yes that is a platform.

  • Composing
    I haven’t composed in a long time, but I do have a GCSE in Music for much more Classical Compositions and that was rather fun to do, I should get back into it again.

  • Animating
    I know how to animate a few tools for R6 Characters, but I couldn’t do anything very advanced with it.

  • Building
    That’s a lot of what I do, haha.

Portfolio of Images!

Well, you’ve made it to my portfolio! So, you must be very intrigued in my work I would hope!

So, let’s not waste any time. Here’s my work!


Quick disclaimer about the above photo, I’m unsure as to if the sword in it is original or not. It was added by the Client at the time of the photo was taken

Quick disclaimer about the above photo, bottles in it are Toolbox Models used as Placeholders.

UI Design


Quick disclaimer about the above video, the tools in it were not made by myself, they were a commission by the Honourable DevFourmer @ScholarOfZoghoLargo


I do apologies for the quality of these gifs, haha.

Part of a Golf Project I’m working on behind the scenes :smiley:

I do apoligise for the lack of variety in some of my smaller aspects of talents but as I do more work I’ll be sure to update this portfolio.

Final Thoughts?

One small final note, because this is a portfolio it doesn’t mean I’m for hire, I normally search for these projects myself, this is just an effective way to ensure all of my work is stored well.

If you have any queries, or any comments for me about my work I’d love to hear them!

Thank You!
Stay Creative, Stay Magical and Stay Safe
J. Stephenson aka. DimwittedSorcery


I’d be very interested to hire you as a builder for an up-coming game! Contact me on discord: Luca_Wellington#0589