Diner WIP (Feedback?)

So I have begun construction of an ‘old school’ diner that I am planning on using in a new game.
Pretty happy with how it’s turning out :smiley:
In past builds, I have been used to going into super detail. I wanted to challenge myself to create something that looked as good, but with much, much less parts.

Do you guys like it so far?
Any suggestions to give it that ‘old school’ diner feel?

upload those attachments to imgur, and imbed them as images, Weeve too lazy to download them, plus, link to place please.

Ah, sorry bout that. Totally derped. Uploaded them to imgur and provided a link now in OP.
As for link to game, I don’t usually open games yet until I am at least 95% done, so I guess stay tuned. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it won’t be when it’s furnished, but the floor texture feels distracting and a little bit incongruent with the rest of the building style. Nice work all around so far, though.

I do agree with you. I just wanted to try out the checkerboard pattern seeing that almost every image of a ‘diner’ on google images had a similar floor pattern. I will have to see what it looks like furnished. If its still to much, might just have to dull down the texture.

Thanks though! :smiley:

to me it feels like it should have a neon sign

This reminds me of a small diner I built a while back- also, diners are usually small btw, and tend to have lots of wall art- in the diner I built, I scripted a few arcade games with high scores, and it was something for people to do while hanging out, and made it actually like a place, might try something similar, so it’s a little more than just a building showcase, but a place people actually meet at :durrr:

You may want to add some bright colors. Most diners were cheerfully done up.

Paint list from the 50s/60s:

Other than that it looks pretty cool.

Glad to see the 50s are coming back.