[Dino Daycare] Staff Guidebook

The following post will outline the duties of each rank you possess, how to get them, and rules of being a staff member at Dino Daycare.

Rank Limits

We do not have a max capacity for medium ranks or low ranks. However, the majority of high ranks have their max capacity. Here are the high rank limits:

  • Headmaster’s Assistant - 20
  • Headmaster - 20
  • Academic Council - 10
  • Assistant Director - 6
  • Director - 1
Rank Information

The following will outline each rank in the group and what their duties are:

Nurse - As a nurse, you are in charge of tending to any injuries that toddlers may get, give them medicine shall they get sick, etc. You can become a Nurse by passing interviews.
Teacher’s Assistant - As a Teacher’s Assistant, you are in charge of supervising the toddlers to make sure they behave and assist any teachers during their lessons. You can become a Teacher Assistant by passing interviews.
Teacher - As a Teacher, you are in charge of running your designated classrooms. You can become a Teacher by passing a training or working hard.
Mediator - As a Mediator, you are in charge of answering any question anybody might have at the reception desk. You can become a mediator by passing a training or working hard.
Supervisor - As a supervisor, you are in charge of ensuring your peers are doing their jobs, the toddlers are following the rules, etc. You can become a Supervisor by passing a training or working hard.
Vice Principal - As a Vice Principal, you are now officially a middle rank. You have a whole new array of duties and responsibilities to take on. You are able to be a helper for trainings and interviews and serve as a role model. You can become a Vice Principal by working hard.
Principal - As a Principal, you are now almost a high rank! You can become a Principal by working hard.
Headmaster’s Assistant - You are now a high rank of Dino Daycare. As a Headmaster’s Assistant, you will be hosting (with permission)/co-hosting trainings and interviews and ensure the daycare is running smoothly. Can be earned by working very hard and showing dedication.
Headmaster - As a Headmaster, you are now able to host trainings and interviews without permission. Can be earned by working very hard and showing dedication.
Academic Council - As an Academic Council, you are able to host numerous events at our daycare (such as firedrills and fieldtrips) and further moderate the daycare. Can be earned by working very hard and showing dedication.
Assistant Director - As an Assistant Director, you are now a senior high rank. You are expected to be highly professional as you now represent the group. You will be assigned to manage a certain aspect of the group, such as external affairs, interviews, trainings, etc. They are also able to promote people to a high rank. They are chosen only by the Director or Protectors.
Director - As a Director, you now run the group! You can create roles, group ranks (with dedushy’s permission), guidelines, modify any guideline, host events, etc. You have great power and we expect you to be extremely responsible. They are only chosen by the Protectors.

Staff Rules

As a staff member, we expect you to represent our group well. These staff member exclusive rules have been rolled out to promote a professional and healthy work environment. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. Failure to follow the rules still will result in a suspension, and a demotion in serious cases. Shall you be highly problematic, you will be blacklisted from applying.

In-game Rules

All in-game rules, found here, are to be followed.


You are to show maturity while operating at our daycare. We allow you to joke around, have fun, and be social. However, you are to not act immature at all.


We understand that not everyone has perfect grammar. However, you must at least put some effort into your grammar.


You can chill out at times and hang out in the teacher’s lounge. But not doing your job at all is considered slacking. Shall any high rank feel like you are slacking, you will be asked nicely to get back to work. Failure to do so after that will result in further consequences.

External Group Policies

We do not wish to govern what you do outside of Dino Daycare. However, if you are a middle or high rank and you troll, disrupt the group, admin abuse, etc. any groups that are our allies, you will be punished here. Doing this will paint a bad image onto us and will result in an immediate suspension.

Admin Abuse

Once you become a Headmaster’s Assistant+, you will be granted administrative power. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Admin abuse is strictly prohibited and if caught abusing, you will be suspended immediately and possibly demoted + blacklisted from applying. The following blacklisted admin commands are found here:

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