Direct Messages Option

It’s pretty annoying to be forced into messages with others on the forum without first being asked, as well as having absolutely no options to deal with Direct Messages other than Notification Control.

I believe an option to configure “Direct Messages” should be implemented, e.g. the following:

  • Public
  • Request Only
  • Friends Only
  • Private

Exceptions to this should be:

  • Administrators (e.g. flagged post warning)
  • Message Flagging (e.g. I want to talk to this person directly and personally about their post.)

Mockup Image:


If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum as I would like to not be clouded by messages that I really don’t want to receive in the first place that are usually argumentative, or otherwise, you can disable said notifications but this would not stop them from being sent.


It might be better putting your feature request on which is the software that powers this forum.

I tend to not get any annoying messages but I have been invited to massive threads at times.


There is an option anyways to disable DMs and chat (which is a Discourse feature that’s not implemented here) but we could do with more customizable options.


This would make no sense, as you’re supposed to send each other messages after you’ve conversed under the same thread three times in a row. This is to prevent spam, and or clutter from being formed under topics.

With this; I’ve seen plenty of instances where forum users have messaged someone to inform them on something useful, whilst allowing others to continue to talk under a thread.

I do agree that there should be a way to have new messages be under a request feature, but not friends only as you don’t have ‘friends’ on a Forum, and private would defeat the entire purpose of having messages, as stated above. With this, it isn’t something Roblox can deal with; but the company that powers the forum software. I think it’s called Discourse or something.