Dirt cheap/easy volumetric lighting

It works best with compatibility lighting engine and contains 2 scripts. 1 is for generating the volumetric, and the second is for assigning volumetric to the camera.

You can edit the spacing and the size of the volumetric in the server script. This wasn’t made to be standalone by itself so you are pretty much required to edit it to somewhat fit your needs


Yo, can you explain how to use the scripts, and what the lighting system does?

Being a server script, it would not work for the client

and from what I see about the other script, it would cause a lot of lag


It will work, since the run context is set to client, which basically makes any script run on clients only. Also if you want to just generate volumetric at this position, you can just delete it

This is the way it’s done, it creates a bunch of beams with light influence 1 and attaches it to the part. It only runs once, and the main source of optimization issues is still the number of beams it creates. I highly suggest you tweak the color and transparency of the beams since this trick won’t work for everything

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