Dirtbike Flipping on ramp


I’m working on making a dirtbike racing game, and the map has frequent ramps around it.

Some of the times that the bike hits the ramp, it ends up landing in a wheelie position and flips backwards, which is not efficient for time in a race.

Video of what I mean:

I want to figure out a way to prevent this from happening, either from making the bike somehow not flip over ramps as much, or add more player-control to be able to control the bike whilst mid-air.

I am not very experienced with vehicles in Roblox, so I couldn’t figure this out myself.

If you could help me out, please do!

Have a great day!

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Maybe you could try making the dirtbike massless (by checking the massless property) and adding a invisible part that covers the bike that acts as the mass so its not front heavy or back heavy you can also make the player massless to but im not sure how to do that really. also not sure if this works as im not experienced with vehicles either lol

gotcha, thanks for the advice nonetheless! ill try messing with that.

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I would also duplicate the bike so you dont mess up the original just incase this doesnt work.

You need more mass in the front of the bike to prevent the bike from flipping over when going over hills. It’s the same reason bikers lean forwards when they’re going up a hill, you’re trying to push away from the force of gravity. The same is happening here with your bike. You should implement some type of force to counteract the force of gravity, thus preventing the bike from flipping backwards.

Edit: Adding a traction force would also work. What I mean by traction force is a force that keeps the bike oriented correctly based on the normal of the surface the bike is standing over.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate all of the help.

How exactly would I implement a traction-force?

You should mess with the CustomPhysicalProperties. There, you can change the friction, and elasticity (bounciness). Also try setting the front tire density higher.


You will want to use an AlignOrientation with the bike so that it always lands on its wheels:

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You didn’t mention how you are controlling the bike…

Is it a script something like A-Chassis, where you need to tune the settings for the vehicle you are designing?

Are you relying on Roblox physics and things like VectorForce and Torque?
The old way of aligning a Physics based system was to use a BodyGyro to keep a model right side up.

It works on an A-Chassis system.

I’d suggest looking into the tuning of the A-chassis.
From what I’ve seen it’s pretty well made and informs you where to make changes to fine tune your vehicle.
Unless anyone has experience with using the A-chassis script for motorcycles then I doubt you’ll get much help here.

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