Disable ability for visitors to like posts

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too easy for visitors to boost stats by mass liking posts.

As stated in forum rules…

Using alt accounts to like posts is easy, just log into the devforum and start liking. Not only does this create artificial forum activity (which is prohibited), it allows visitors to game the system.

In my opinion, in order for users to interact with posts (including liking and replying), they should be working their way up to Member. This will reduce the possibility of gaining fake likes

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I’d be able to use the forum without having people using other accounts to like their own posts, nor having uninformed visitors like every post in a topic


Support for reasons slightly different than stated.

Visitors often like posts that are just blatantly wrong, or, in one extreme case, I saw 5 visitors like a reply that literally said “Thanks! 303030303030303030”. While these users probably don’t realize that this reply is against the rules, they still shouldn’t have access to like posts. Members, who often know what they’re doing more (development and forum etiquette wise), should be the lowest limit for ability to like posts.


While I have never seen somebody liking their own posts hundreds of times with alts, I find it irritating when visitors like every single reply to any and all topics they can find because they think it’s a requirement of accessing TL1. I don’t see why this permission is necessary when it serves as no real contribution to developers; it’s just a way of dishing out likes for the sake of it and, usually, artificially boosting our stats.

I would like to see this permission revoked from TL0s since it’s simply unnecessary and unconstructive, IMO.

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I’m probably going to support this as well.

I once got like spammed by a single visitor, and while I understand they are probably just exploring the forum, how it works, it can be irritating and make you feel uncomfortable as it feels like you’re being framed for maliciously manipulating your stats. Yes, I know like notifications can be disabled. but i want to feel good about myself when i get a like so i dont disable them But this doesn’t stop the actual liking. And it happens to me for a while now still.


While I agree with your point, a visitor could still find something helpful and decide to leave an heart with good intentions.

I’m not sure if this already exists, but do all visitors require an email verification? If their Roblox account has a verified email address then that should probably do it for this issue.

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Honestly, I don’t have an opinion. I think likes are meaningless. In my opinion, the only thing that matters are the replies. :sunglasses:


They should bookmark the post instead then.

Discourse is all about email, I don’t think Roblox even sets your email to the one you used upon registration until you verify it. I do know that when you change it the old email still stays until you verify the new one.

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this is like me saying:

hey, it’s too easy to follow bot someone, DISABLE FOLLOWERS, and to follow, i think you should have to prove you aren’t a bot by verifying your phone and your email

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I don’t agree. The only reason I could stay engaged to become a member on the forum was my only way of giving feedback, liking. Removing this removes all feedback options for visitors, and risk of faking likes is minimal already.


What feedback can a visitor give without being able to post? Seems silly to me. Especially when anyone can give a like for whatever reason.


A like, their only form of feedback. It’s not much, yet still something. As I said,

I also agree with @mamolox123 saying


A like doesn’t really mean much, they might as well become a member so they can give their feedback.

Also, botting devforum followers has no benefit, since the number of people that follow you is not shown to the public.

Pretty sure he meant normal roblox followers.

As I said,

It takes like, what, a week? With not even the smallest form of feedback, I don’t know how you can stay engaged.

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Still no benefit to botting those. You don’t get any rewards for having more followers.

A like doesn’t mean much, a feature request having hundreds of likes doesn’t guarantee the feature will be added, and you can absolutely get member in less than 1 week.

No. Visitors should be able to engage with announcements, feature requests, bug reports, etc. Likes are the only way to do so until they are Member.

Removing incentive to boost stats can also be solved by just removing total profile statistics from being viewable entirely.


If I’m gonna be completely honest: As annoying as it first seems, who even really pays attention to likes on here? Sure you might get spammed with notifications by new users who can’t read rules/instructions, but outside of that I personally can’t see any impact aside from an overly inflated number nobody cares about.

I personally haven’t seen this happening so you can take my comment here with a grain of salt, but that’s just how I see it.

Besides, if liking posts was part of getting member rank, surely it wouldn’t be hard to put filters in place to avoid cheating the system like that, or at least it wouldn’t be hard to detect if someone was