Disable automatic insertion of TouchInterest into tool handle

I’ve done millions of things, even removing it with a script that checks if a child is added but I can’t find any way to remove the automatically inserted TouchInterest when a tool enters the workspace.

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why exactly do you want to remove it?

I’ve made a custom pickup system for tools.

you can disable roblox’s picking up system by unchecking the property CanTouch from the tool handle or change the name of the handle to something else then change it back when it’s in the players inventory

The system used .Touched to pick up, fyi.

Then just change the name of “Handle” to something different like “HANDLE” as well as in your custom pickup system. Because the roblox default collection system will check for a part named “Handle” but if it there is no part named handle then roblox won’t force its default pickup system onto the part. The only issue is that you have to make your own custom weld system aswell.