Disable Captcha for Verified Users

It is extremely annoying to do anything on the website because I ALWAYS have to do a captcha for no good reason.

I am ID verified and also DevEx before so it’s pretty safe to say that I’m not a bot :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Removing unnecessary captcha will provide users with better UX which is what Roblox really needs to strive for.

Having to enter a captcha to redeem a gift card that I bought is extremely annoying


This would be extremely useful. As an ID verified user myself, I have to complete captcha for all these which is quite annoying :-

  • Joining groups
  • Posting messages in the group wall
  • Commenting on UGC items
  • Following someone

If your account got compromised this would be a different story. I would also suggest this feature to be toggleable for id verified users.


I would love this, but verification is annoying and I hate the direction Roblox is taking ID verification. I wont get my ID verified for the foreseeable future, and Roblox is locking features to it, or restricting existing features.

Next up:
#announcements: “Play time is now restricted to 15 minutes without ID”
“This is to stop bots and abusing player counts!!”

But then again, this is very useful and would be amazing, so I’m stuck. It could be 7+ years account age maybe? By the time an account turns 7, there’s a very rare chance it’s a bot.


I think that those do rely on account age. When on an alt, I get captcha all of the time, 10+ puzzles sometimes. On this account, I rarely get them. I can upload stuff without it doing anything, I dont ever get them when posting comments, and rarely when following people.

It’s probably the case, too, if I’m wrong just DM me and I can edit this