Disable default fall animation

Hey guys, I have a custom fall animation but for some reason when I am falling the hands move as the default animation but the rest of the body is my animation. I can’t change priority because of other animations, how can I disable the default fall animation with scripts?

You can disable default animations by editing the Animate script.

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for more auxiliary information

go in run mode, look in the explorer in-game and search for your character model (the one you are defaulted to control or in-devved) and copy the animate local script in your model’s childrens

remove the active column that assigns the falling animation to your character somewhere in the script (be attentive or u may break some things) and copy the final result of the local script and insert it in player character scripts

Is there any way just to like stop one animation from playing, because I would like to keep that animation but I just don’t want it to play in certain moments? If a player jumps, it should play the default animation, if a player is falling from a high place, my animation should be playing.

Yes. To do this, playtest your game and open your character. You should see a LocalScript called Animate. Copy that and stop playtesting. Paste it into StarterCharacterScripts, then open it. On line 32,

{ id = "http://www.roblox.com/asset/?id=180436334", weight = 10 } 

change the id to your animation id.

Nono, that will change the default one, I want to keep that but I want it to stop playing while the other animation plays