Disable DisplayNames

Alright, been googling some ways to fix this issue.

here is the code I have


        Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid", math.huge).DisplayName = Character.Name;

    Player.DisplayName = Player.Name;

But it appears they’ve changed permissions and now you’re unable to set the DisplayName property

It doesn’t say in the documentation that its a protected permission?

You can not change the DisplayName iteslf, as it is protected as mentioned, though, you can disable the visiblity of the DisplayName through:
Games > StarterPlayer > NameDisplayDistance > 0

Well when the player joins you are waiting for the character before doing the .CharacterAdded:Connect() thing so it won’t update

You should remove Player.CharacterAdded:Wait(); so that it will change the humanoid DisplayName the first time.

That isn’t the issue here, the humanoid changing works fine

Oh alright then, I’m not sure if there can be any fix to this because you can’t change their DisplayName.

They should fix their documentation!