Disable Like Ratio for “new” games

As a Roblox developer, it’s often crushing to suddenly see your new creation fall into sub-50% range when it’s just trying to get off the ground.

Ideally, a like/dislike ratio shouldn’t appear until the game has received substantial amount of feedback.

A game can have 1 like and show as 100%, or show a ridiculously low percent with less than 15 total likes/dislikes. Like ratios show as a heavy factor on the games page and a low percent out the gate can significantly hurt your game’s ability to grow.

Let’s take two of my games for example:

One thrives with 22 players playing, but shows a 36% like ratio. Yet it has less than 22 total likes/dislikes. This does not accurately reflect the game as not enough players have left feedback ratings.

The other shows as 100% yet only has two likes. Certainly not enough for any user to understand if the game is actually good.

So, in my opinion, the Like Ratio should be hidden from a game until 50 or 100 total likes/dislikes.

As well, on newer games, Roblox could help creators by giving a post-game pop up along the lines of “Help review this new game: (Like / Dislike)”
(Include the ability to X out of this pop up if they would like to do neither.)


Additive note:

Maybe the inclusion of a pop up asking a player if they’d like to give the game a like when they go to favorite it (if they haven’t hit Like already)

If a player likes a game enough to favorite, odds are they would give the game a like. Sometimes players just might not be thinking about it though because the current Like Ratio does not benefit the player in any way to participate in.