Disable outlines while working with small objects

Hello , Just a quick question!

When building ( especially with smaller objects ) it is very difficult to see what you are doing with the outlines.

If anyone knows how to remove these outlines ( Or just make them more thin ) it would be gratefully appreciated

Thank you :slight_smile:


There is currently no way of disabling nor making them thinner.

Some plugins may allow you to move parts after they have been deselected.

You have to peek inside the selection box if you want to see part’s edges clearly.


Really the best way is to just get used to building on a consistent grid. After awhile you will be able to tell when you are lined up and when you are not instantly


Can’t you change it in the studio settings? I’m pretty sure you can change the width and colour.


No, you can only change it’s visuals like color & animation, but not it’s shape or transparency.

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Oh yeah, nevermind.


You can change the color but not the width

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I know this is a problem when selecting objects but you could just resort to using the “move” tool or the “scale” tool to fix this in a special way. Unless you are trying to select the part to edit its properties or something this in my opinion is the easiest fix if you are wanting to move a object without seeing those lines. I hope this helps :confused:

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I suggested to Roblox a while ago in the forums (RIP) that the SelectionBox lines had a Transparency Property that we could set.
It got tons of support but nothing came from it.

@VineyardVine, yeah if everyone builds on a grid that’s great, but due to floating decimal errors it can still affect how Parts line up.

What about the builders who are trying to line up small, detailed builds that are off the grid? Anyone who’s done any detailed work can attest to the fact that it’s VERY difficult to get inside the SelectionBox so you can see where Parts align but still be able to grab a tool handle.

It also affects when your Parts are at weird Rotations or you are trying to match up to a WedgePart hypotenuse.

I’ve gone back to zooming in to the Part to see the actual point where the 2 Parts align and using the Command Bar CFrame command for fine tuning my Part movements and rotations.


I wrote something up on this internally last year. The idea was to create a SelectionBox object that scaled with the size of the object or model selected. I can follow up about this being a pain point next week.


Thanks but that doesn’t allow us to see where the Parts are intersecting very well though.

Thinner lines would be great but they still cover up the areas we are trying to see. A semi-transparent or dashed line would be more helpful to builders.


Actually, this outline was around the general shape of the object and not every single part. Maya, and Blender both do this behavior.

There’s a couple feature requests on here asking for a SelectionBox object that does this, but their use cases aren’t all for building.


Since you cant make them thinner or remove them, scaling it all up, building and then making the build smaller again would work. That’s atleast what I’d do.


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How do you even make outlines??