Disable Parachute when seated

I have a parachute in my game which applies bodyvelocity when it’s equipped how do i disable that when the player is sitting i need this because people are abusing rockets in my game which use bodyvelocity aswell.

When a player is seated to a “Seat” or “VehicleSeat”, it will create a “SeatWeld” inside the seat part. You could have a script inside the seat with a ChildAdded event connection that listens for this weld when it gets created, and then finds that BodyVelocity inside the model where it resides and deletes it. After the the weld has been removed, you can instantiate that BodyVelocity back into the model.

Here are some API references on to how to script this:


This is very helpful i’ll look into it and see if i can make that work

You could also place the parachute in replicated storage when the player touches a seat.

if humanoid.Sit() == true then
    -- Disable Parachute

Hope this helps!