Disable part's bounding box while picking Appearance properties

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to pick a proper color for a part, because the selection bounding box is “stealing” the actual tone of it by adding it’s own (usually blue) color.

In the gif below, I’m trying to pick a color for a part, but the bounding box makes it really hard to determine if the color is right or not. To check how it actually looks, I need to apply the color and deselect the part (and in most cases select it again, open the color palette again, and just trial and error what color looks best after deselecting).

If Roblox would make the selection bounding box disappear while I’m choosing a color from the palette (either the BrickColor or Color3 palette), it would be much easier, faster and comfortable to pick the proper color “by the first time”. After the color has been picked, the bounding box would come back.

While I was writing this post with the focus on the color properties, I noticed it’s as troublesome to pick other Appearance properties like Transparency, Reflectance and Material. It would be really great if the bounding box never interfered while the visual aspects of a part are being edited. Other visual-related properties of the part would be the Size property. I wouldn’t have such a big problem if it wouldn’t work for Size, but applying it for Size too wouldn’t hurt either.


Yes, I go through the same process of deselecting and reselecting to tune the colors to what I want. It is especially painful with multiple parts selected.

I think I’d still want to see what parts are selected though, so I would be satisfied just with the ability to change the line thickness.

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I imagined the bounding box would disappear only while we are actually changing the property. So for example if our mouse is hovering over the BrickColor palette, or when we are click&dragging over the Color3 palette etc.
Or is it still not enough?
I personally think the ability to change the bounding box line’s thickness may not be enough.

I also can’t think of any ways a part could be highlighted and yet not interfere with the part’s appearance…

I think there should be an option to disable the bounding box all together. It’s really troublesome & gets in the way when you’re working with really tiny, minuscule adjustments.

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I’ve been wondering for years why there hasn’t been a studio option to just turn the darn selection off, it serves no purpose for a lot of people, especially when dealing with aligning small parts.

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