Disable player controls SERVER-side?

I need to disable player control on the server. It’s for kind of an important reason and I don’t want exploiters to be able to undo this. The player character will be being controlled by the server during this time so I can’t freeze them.

I checked out this thread but that’s only client-sided: How to disable player controls with new PlayerScript layout?

If that’s the only way to accomplish this, fine. I’d just rather not trust the client if at all possible.

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  • You could insert a BodyVelocity into the Torso with infinite force on all axes so that they can’t move.

  • You could anchor their HumanoidRootPart.

  • To keep them from teleporting, add a function that teleports them back to the set position if they try to move.


Was just about to suggest this above, but can’t they unanchor it client side, and then move since they have network ownership?

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I probably should include in the OP that I’m moving the players on the server, not trying to freeze them :slight_smile:


In that case, try tweening the model along a set point of coordinates.

How this would work is you tween the model via a second dummy value (CFrame or Vector3 value). Just tween the value, and then call Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() with the dummy value.

More info on how to do this here

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Eh that’s going to be way too inefficient and hard to implement in a way that looks good for me. I’ll probably just do it on the client and do sanity checks on the server.

Thanks for the help

I don’t think you can, nor should you. The closest I know to overriding player control is through DevComputerMovementMode. That being said, an exploiter could still override it by flipping the mode.

You can’t really disable player controls on the server.