Disable scroll wheel while hovering on drop-down properties


Disable scroll wheel while hover on a property with a dropdown box in Studio.

See example below:

This is infuriating when I’m trying to quickly swap between materials to test out how each looks, if I attempt to scroll on the box without opening it up it will scroll down on the properties tab, this affects my workflow and just is incredibly frustrating, I’ve not posted about this for a long time (years) because I assumed it would get fixed over time but it doesn’t seem to have been changed, I’m aware this isn’t Roblox’s priority but would be great if a fix could be done for this.


The worst part is this functionality used to exist (or at least I think it did). I would like it back (or implemented) because I was able to quickly adjust properties and visialize them at the same time.


This was abruptly changed probably at least 6 months ago. I can’t imagine it’s intentional.


Please format your gyazo links (put a .gif or .mp4 at the end of it, depending what format you’re using).
I won’t download a video just to see what you’re trying to show me.
I can click on this just fine and it doesn’t require any downloading:


To be honest, I use this sometimes. I feel like it’s a bit easier than clicking multiple times to select a material. I can just click once, and scroll to the material I want, and it switches automatically too.
Unlike @qqtt991 here, I can imagine it being put intentionally.

Perhaps a studio setting could allow us to change this behavior, depending on our liking?


I am saying this functionality being removed was likely not intentional. This feature was very useful.


It hasn’t been removed though. Has it?
I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing anymore XD