Disable selection highlight when camera is close to object

Hi, as a developer it’s way to hard to make small changes using the dragger when needed. Simple things such as aligning two blocks are often times blocked by highlight preventing me from getting the “perfect fit”. I wish that the selection highlight wasn’t as thick when the camera is close up.

Fully aware that you could use properties but, I don’t really think that guessing numbers down to x-amount of decimals is good UX.

Exhibit A:

(Small middle space)

(No longer can see middle space because the selection highlight is too big)

(Close up)

(Close up and moving)


There is a studio setting to make this outline thinner but this is likely still insufficient for cases where you actually need to be able to see the seam.

If you use my Studio Tweaks plugin there is a hacky selection box override that you can enable for situations where you really need to see the edges of your selection. It will inflate the box and make it slightly transparent, as well as reactive to camera distance.