Disable shutting down VIP servers option

there should be an option to disable shutting down VIP servers if you’re the owner of the VIP server

i don’t want users to be able to shut down their own VIP server - especially if other people are playing on it

This seems like a niche request. I recommend doing a “roll your own” approach and just use ReservedServers or Universes + a gamepass.

I just don’t see why the VIP server owner even has the option to shut down their own server. The ability to shut down your own VIP server is niche in itself.

Why do you not want people to shut it down? Is this related to saving data or something?

Also, make sure to stick your thread in a subcategory of Feature Requests: (Perhaps Web Features in this case)

thanks to whoever moved it, i forgot to set it

my game has over 900 active VIP servers and as such, a lot of people play on VIP servers

i don’t want people’s gameplay experience to be ruined by someone else who i don’t have any control of especially since people like to post VIP server links on my game’s group wall frequently

Well I mean the purpose of a VIP server is to allow someone to pick who they want to play with.

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If I were to make my game(s) have VIP servers, I would give them admin abilities, such as kick, mute, etc. If someone wants to get the full experience, they should play in a normal server.

That’s my thought on it.