Disable water physics

Sounds simple but I see no easy solution, how do I disable the default water physics that smooth terrain water has. Not just on players but on any game object.


Similar topic.mp3?

thats only for players, this is for any part

I’m guessing you could clone terrain client sided so the server wouldn’t be affected.

Yeah that just seems so tedius for something that should be simple, ive also tried that in the past and ran into issues with networkownership

I didn’t see that whoops-

You’d probably need to configure around with the Grow Terrain tool, you could also use Raycasting I guess?

(Just switch this with your issue)

Thing is you’d have to cast many rays if there were many parts right?

I’m not sure how raycasting or the grow tool would have any effect on this, the water is auto generated im not really sure what I would with raycasting

Would it not be easier to create a custom water?

it would be easier but as far as im away nothing comes close graphically (i am open to this tho, if you have any resources that have good looking custom water link would be really helpful)

That’s the thing

It’s difficult to even manage to make that specifically work in your instance

Couldn’t you texture a mesh in an external platform like blender then use mesh deformation to create a water effect?

as far as im aware the only way to achieve real time reflections is with terrain water

Anyways why would you want to disable water physics?

i want parts and players to be able to go under the water and i have custom physics controls which the terrain water interfere with

Ah okay, i’m not very experienced in this topic so i can’t really help you.