Disabling a part's gravity

This video shows a part which is spawned in front of my gun and is meant to look like a bullet trail. The issue is that the part just falls down instead of going straight forward. I applied a velocity to the part using a script which makes the part move forward at a velocity of 25, but I can’t seem to disable the gravity

I’ve looked at multiple posts but most of them are outdated

Can’t you use Tweens instead of physics? The origin position is where the bullets spawn, and the goal is where the ray hits. Using physics is much trickier than using an anchored bullet particle and TweenService.

Yes, I ended up using a LinearVelocity before you sent this but tweening would work too. I’ll mark this as solution for anyone who views this in the future since it’s simpler and probably a lot less performance heavy

The only issue is calculating the time that the tween will take, but that’s not extremely difficult

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Pretty sure you can calculate the amount of time to make the bullets appear at the same speed. If I recall the formula I sent to a different topic, it was Time = (1 / Studs) * Ray_Distance, but I’m not sure.

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