Disabling character rotation in direction of Movement

Hello there, Developers!
I have recently started to work on a new Weapon System (R15, Animated, TPS). I have ran across an issue.

When aiming in and walking into the sides, you turn in the direction of the walking. This makes a bad effect when the camera is looking forward but the Character is just going to the left and looking to the left.

Is there a way to block my Character from turning to the sides?

Thanks in advance

Set Humanoid.AutoRotate to false and then make the character face in the camera direction.

-- localscript
local rotation = Instance.new("BodyGyro",HumanoidRootPart)
rotation.D = 0
rotation.P = 10000
rotation.MaxTorque = Vector3.new(0,math.huge,0)

Humanoid.AutoRotate = false

    rotation.CFrame = Camera.CFrame
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