Disabling chat bubble verticle movement

Hey guys, got quite an odd one for y’all. It appears the chat bubble system certainly doesn’t play nicely with my head movement. Disabling this and just relying on LocalPlayerOffset would be much preferable.

Unfortunately, modifying LocalPlayerStudsOffset to account for this does not change the outcome, only makes it wackier.

I do not believe the code is relevent to the question. Will post if inquired anyways.

As always, help is appreciated!

I’m not sure how you’re rotating the head, but you could set the Adornee to HumanoidRootPart if you want a static offset.

Believe that’s the default adornee. Regardless, changing the adornee does not seem to effect it.

I’m changing the C0 of the Neck join in Torso.

char.Torso.Neck.C0 = CFrame.new(char.Torso.Neck.C0.p) * CFrame.Angles(x - math.rad(90),0,-math.rad(180))

Are you using TextChatService or the older Chat service for bubblechat?

I am using TextChatService, not the older one.

IIRC I did something similar and it worked on the older ChatService, but the characters were R15 instead of R6 too.