Disabling Chat Censoring

I put this under Web Features because you set your “13+” setting to true/false here.
It would really… just be great to have some way of playing a ROBLOX Game without seeing constant #'s.

There was a conversation I had yesterday where the chat filter turned almost everything I said and my friend said to just #'s, even though we were saying completely normal things (and certainly PG things)

I don’t like it, chat filtering is not right for me personally, and I think many would agree it would be great to be able to disable it in light of the fact a lot of us are adults, young adults, and in our late teens and do not need censorship from other players.

EDIT: This feature should ONLY be available for those who Check being 13+, to prevent legal issues.

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It would be useful if you could even create the “blacklist” of what should it censor. I think players who are 13+ should see every word from those below 13 too.


This has been mentioned a few times and the reason isn’t to protect the 13+ user from swearing, it is to protect the 13- player from giving out personal information. Roblox complies with COPPA so has to do that kind of thing.


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I see, nevertheless current ROBLOX “blacklist” is a bit not right.


i dont like this because i dont want to be insulted by iiOmqDxstiny (example name, not a real person) using terrible insults

at least with this filtering system, you have to be creative


This would never happen, just saying. There’s the big loop hole where people under 13 could get no filters, like the old system

What are you seeing hashtagged? The filter is not going to be removed. But if you tell us what is being hashed maybe we can update the rules, to prevent bad hashing.


The chat filter is so glitchy sometimes it’ll # something like “4” for me and not for my friends.

Or stuff like “1v1”. Like it bounces around what is and isn’t #ed


Well at first it was the things you would expect like saying the word skype, or an @something, or just common things to censor for a childrens site.
It got glitchy and as me and my friends conversation progressed it started censoring more and more words that were previously able to be said.
It censored things like “fight” or “WHY” or “OH MY GOD” (which is what i was typing when i realized the chat filter was not letting us have a conversation at all. Touche chat filter.)

It just got ridiculous, it’s not that it’s censoring the stuff it should be that I’m disliking, it’s censoring almost everything after a long period of time.
That’s just my personal experience though.


Also: That’s bogus, I don’t want it removed, I want it on by default and toggle-able.


I think that whatever anti-bullying/toxicity measures this filter has is going way out of line and not actually being very effective at all. It just ends up censoring a bunch of innocent messages that aren’t even remotely toxic, and it doesn’t actually stop people from bringing a toxic attitude into games. They’re still gonna attempt to insult people, and some of those messages will still get through the filter. It’s just becoming extremely annoying for us people who want to have a normal conversation on this website.

Adding specific exceptions to the filter isn’t fixing the overall problem - lots of very common, innocent phrases are randomly getting filtered for no reason. There’s no pattern to it, the filter is just going haywire.

A filter is never going to be effective at stopping all toxic behavior no matter how hard you try, so I think that making the filter go overboard isn’t worthwhile and just damages the experience for well-behaving players.


whitelist 13-, blacklist 13+

i think thats a better solution.


My game has a custom chat that replicates an empty message before waiting for the filter, so you see “…” for a split second while it waits for the chat filter. Occasionally the filter’s web request will error and people start to see a wall of “…” messages :confounded:

This is a social platform; I think roblox should develop a functional server-side chat filter that doesn’t require waiting for a web request. Doing all of the filtering in one place opens doors for crazy machine learning applications, but currently it seems complex and unreliable.