Disabling Humanoid Jump isn't working

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    I’m trying to lock a player from leaving a VehicleSeat. I’ve tried to do this by setting JumpPower and JumpHeight to zero, and by using SetStateEnabled. I have no idea why it isn’t working at this point.

This is my code currently:


This behaviour does seem like it should work, but the standard way of stopping a player jumping out of a seat is to simply set their Humanoid.JumpPower (or Humanoid.JumpHeight if its enabled instead) to 0!


The poster mentioned that they did that, try instead to disable their controls:

local Controls = require(player.PlayerModule):GetControls()
— use Controls:Enable() to enable again


Completely missed that, my bad. Disabling the controls sounds like a pretty good approach. I do wonder why the other two didn’t work, though.

I’ll try this when I get a chance. I’ve noticed that both of the methods I tried (jump power and setstateenabled) can work, but unreliably.

They both act in the same way, working about half of the time, from play session to play session. I don’t know what’s changing