Disabling IK in R15?

Hello. I have an issue where whenever I decide to rotate or manipulate C0 joints in the character Motor6Ds, inverse kinematics apply for some strange reason.

I don’t believe it is an issue with the script itself, I’ve encountered this in multiple scenarios, with different types of scripts and goals.

If you look closely when I walk down/up the stairs, my arms form a V-like shape.

This is because IK activates, and I have no clue why. If you still believe the script could be involved and I’m mistaken, here’s the line:

Player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.C0 = CFrame.new(0,-1,0,1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,1) * CFrame.Angles(vector.z, 0, -vector.x)

I have searched around the devforum for solutions with no luck. If you happen to find a post similar to this, please let me know.

Could this be a bug?

You have to set the C0 property of the HumanoidRootPart to CFrame.new().
CFrame is a function that takes 6 arguments, position, rotation and scale. CFrame.new(0,-1,0,1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,1) is setting the position to Vector3.new(0, -1, 0), the rotation to CFrame.Angles(0, 0, 0) and the scale to Vector3.new(1, 1, 1). If you want to set the rotation, use CFrame.Angles().
CFrame.new(0, -1, 0) * CFrame.Angles(0, 0, -vector.x) would apply the rotation to the current rotation, instead of replacing it.

Thank you for the quick response, but does relate to the arms having inverse kinematics enabled?

I tried doing it your way, yet it gives the exact same result as my old line does, when it comes to the arms messing up.

Your onStepIn event is firing multiple times, on each tile of the staircase.
You can add a simple condition to check if the player is already on the staircase, and only teleport him if he’s not:

function onStepIn(cid, item, pos)
    if isInArray({1, 2, 3, 4}, isPlayer(cid)) then
        doTeleportThing(cid, {x=32844, y=32333, z=7})
    return true

Oh yeah if this doesn’t help, mind giving me the code?

I am not using a function like that, as I’ve mentioned, I don’t believe this is a problem with the script itself.

I believe this is a feature I have to disable, by code or by studio, I am not sure. Either way. If it is to help understand, here’s the script:

	local Result = workspace:Raycast(RootPart.Position, Vector3.new(0, -Character.Humanoid.HipHeight - (RootPart.Size.Y / 2) - 2, 0), rayParams)
	local Normal = Result.Normal
	if Result then
		local Vector = RootPart.CFrame:VectorToObjectSpace(Normal)
		TweenService:Create(LowerTorso.Root, TweenInfo.new(0.15), {
			C0 = CFrame.new(0,-1,0,1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,1) * CFrame.Angles(Vector.Z, 0, -Vector.X)

This is the default mode when you start up the animation editor. In order to go back to this, click on the IK dropdown and select Remove IK .

After doing a little more reading and searching around the devforum, I found out this is a Roblox bug.

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