Disabling party chat disables ability to post on ROBLOX forums

If I set my “Who can chat with me in app” setting to “No one”, the party chat is disabled, but my ability to post on the ROBLOX forums is also disabled. Expected behavior is that regardless of what my party chat settings are, I can still use the forums.

If the intent is to provide parents the ability to restrict forum access, it should be a separate setting – not only because the user/parent may want to tweak them to different values (as they’re very loosely related), but also because combining them is misleading. If I set “Who can chat with me in app” to “Friends”, I can talk to anyone on the forums, and not just friends.


I agree that this should be split over multiple settings, but maybe turn this into a feature request rather than bug report. After all, if you hover over this icon:


It does say that it disables forum/group as well, so it seems intended for now (not a bug)

Still the fact that “Friends” allows you to talk to anyone on groups/forum is confusing

Group walls too? That’s hilarious. I can shout, but can’t post:

I spent a good 10 minutes earlier today trying to figure out what was causing the group post box not to show up before I remembered it could have been the settings, yeah :disappointed_relieved:

I think the problem here is that these settings were really created (again) for parents to set, not really for a privacy preference.

They are more likely to rename the setting than to add more of them.

Even from a parent’s perspective they’re wrong. As mentioned in the OP, it’s misleading to begin with – if a parent sets app chat privacy to “Friends”, users can still chat with non-friends on group walls and the forums. No amount of renaming is going to fix that because one is an “Everyone”/“No one” setting, and another is a “Friends”/“No one” setting – they do completely different things.

These two settings need to be separated for both clarity and control. As a parent, for instance, I may want to allow chatting with friends, but completely disable forum posting privileges.

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Ah, I see now. I agree, public posting privileges and player-to-player communication should be different privileges.


Sorry, had to.

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