Disabling roblox's Your Friend joined notification

I’ve recently made a ‘Player Joined’ message system, but I want to disable ROBLOX’s your friend joined message and replace with my own, is there a way I can do this?

[System]: Your friend username has joined the game!

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If you fork (make a copy and put it in your game) the Lua chat system you can delete the part of ChatServiceRunner where it creates System channel. Either make it AutoJoin false or remove altogether. You might see errors in the output when it tries to send a message to this, but it doesn’t cause any problems. This will remove all system messages.

If you want to keep the rest of the system messages, then you can fork the chat and delete the FriendJoinNotifier module in ChatModules.

If you don’t want to fork the chat you can wait for ServerScriptService.ChatServiceRunner.ChatService to be created. require() it in a script. And then perform ChatService:RemoveChannel( 'System' )