Disabling shadows for individual parts?

So I’ve started using blender and all and I’ve been making large scale mesh parts for terrain, it looks great and all if you ignore the gigantic shadows cast. I know this is a big issue for anyone who uses large unions in terrain and I usually end up having to sacrifice being able to use global shadows if I want to have any mesh or union terrain.

It’d be great if a feature was added where you can toggle whether large bricks emit shadows while not sacrificing all of global shadows as a whole.


Yesssssss, I have a ton of buildings in my game all made with unions, and they all have that shadow bug that makes them pitch black in a lot of areas so I’ve had to put like 10 light sources all around each building to light them up.

Hopefully the new lighting engine will solve these issues?
Assuming it ships in the near future.

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