Disabling Shiftlock for certain players?

Wondering how to disable and enable shiftlock for certain players. I copied the camera module into players scripts but I’m not sure where to go about this. I know that you can enable and disable it for the entire server but in my game I want only certain players to be able to use shiftlock.


Pretty sure there’s a property of player called DevEnableMouseLock, which you can disable/enable, just check their user ID if it’s on your whitelist to enable/disable


Here I am thinking it has to do with editing the camera… Thanks lol.

How would I disable mouselock for players that are already in mouselock?
I tried disabling the option but if they are still in it, it will make them stuck in it.

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Can’t you disable it right when they join the game, so they can’t toggle it on at all?

Yeah but I have a setting where they can change controls and if they click shiftlock right before they change, they get shiftlock + the other control.