Disabling the selection box?



Are there any way to disable the selection box that appears around bricks when you click on them?

It disrupts my vision, and it gets harder to place the brick accurately.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



The more you build the more you will get an eye for if the brick is lined up accurately or not. Building on a grid helps I use .1 - .05 - .025


Alright :confused:


Alternatively, you could make your own building tools. The first idea that pops into my mind is modding f3x.


The ability to remove that selection box or at least make it less enormous has been a feature request for years, yet hasn’t seen much attention at all.

You’re better off just making a plugin to do it yourself. :confused:


such a shame :confused:

A feature like that would be great to enhance the building accuracy.


It would help when building, I’d download. :wink:


The current method for reducing the size of the selection box PrimaryPart provided by ROBLOX studio when selecting parts is done by:

FILE[Tab] > Settings > (Studio) > Primary Part [Section] > Line Thickness.
And assign a value less than 0.05

There seems to be a certain limit of how far you can go, despite putting a value such as 0.001, it defaults itself into a value greater than of what you put before.


That’s the line thickness of the PrimaryPart of a selected model, not the line thickness of an individually selected part.


Whoops just noticed that.


Well, from what I know I don’t think you can do that.
There are ways you can get around that though by using plugins such as F3X or qcmdutl as some of them have features where you can disable the section box.


It should be an option though :confused:


Personally, I agree but that kinda is the only option currently from what I know of.


Try building small objects big and using a plugin to make it smaller when you’re done. I suggest using Model Resize Plugin: https://www.roblox.com/library/143613186/Model-Resize-Plugin-2-1-DRAG-TO-RESIZE


I wouldn’t say a complete removal of the selection box would be great as a setting, rather to being able to adjust the transparency of it. Small-scale building can be a pain when the selection box gets in the way. The best place to put this would be in the game settings.



I don’t think that would be the best place to put it, currently it’s just got game settings such as Experimental Mode and HTTP requests. It’s not something which will change anything on the game itself so it’ll end up in the studio settings if it was added at all.

We should get something like Game Settings but for Studio Settings, the current settings are hard to navigate, it’d be a lot nicer if they were split into an advanced section as a lot of them I will most likely never need.


Yeah, a new studio settings menu would be nice.


Even after years of experience I have trouble getting used to the box outline. I wish there was at least a setting in studio to reduce the size of the selection or ultimately remove it.


Yeah, even tho you’re experienced, you’d still have to make a guess for the middle when you’re doing detailed and accurate building.


There’s a plugin I use by databrain called V.I.P, it’s a set of building tools, when you’re used to them and have some practice with them, they’re amazing.

You’re probably trying to align parts next to each other or something of the sort, and it has a feature just for it, you can align parts and models together, so if you’re not building to a stud scale it’s very useful for not having overlaps or gaps in builds.