Disallow users from taking claimed usernames

Recently, I received a message from someone over Discord asking if I remember playing with them on Xbox recently at a game that I help develop. I was confused given that I didn’t know the person, so I asked for a little more information.

I had later discovered that someone on Xbox was using a gamertag for ROBLOX which had my name (colbert2677). Because the game isn’t well scripted and has yet to receive proper implementations for various aspects of it, the user was able to attain special game privileges and pose as me.

What I don’t understand is why Xbox users are allowed to register with names that are already taken by computer/mobile users. I’ve been going all this time on the website without knowing that someone created an account on Xbox using my previous username to pose as me; the damage could already have been done across multiple games and such.

Users on Xbox should not be able to register accounts with existing names. Problems such as this can arise and it’s not pleasant to hear that someone else is using your username on another platform.


What happens if you start playing on xbox now that somebody else on xbox is using your name? What happens if you’re both in the same server? Can there be two players with the same name in one server?

At least in the past, a whole lot could have been done if somebody strolled into my game with my username.


Roblox is required to allow XBox players to use their Microsoft gamer tags as part of the terms for using their console. Luckily, impersonation should be less of an issue once cross-platform play is released.


Thing is, what if they play ROBLOX only on Xbox but not on computers/mobile? How would the tag be displayed then, if any at all?


userId is supposed to be used when doing privileges in the first place.


Yes, I’m well aware. I joined the team later and I’ve yet to fully rescript the project.

-> Also, userId is deprecated. Use UserId instead. :wink:


“Xbox users will now see Roblox usernames in addition to the Xbox gamer-tags above users heads in-game, in the player list and anywhere in the Xbox app.”

Even if they only ever play on XBox, they’ll still see both the username and gamertag. I’m not sure how they’ll differentiate them, but hopefully it will be visible that colbert2677 is the gamertag and people will know it’s not the Roblox username.


I’m sorry, I didn’t check the API change for UserId on the Wiki, I should do that for irrelevant changes more often :\