Disappearing tiles minigame

so i have this minigame and i dont know how to properly remove the destroyed tiles out of an array. i also need help with resetting the minigame once a round is over


Pads = script.Parent.Pads:GetChildren()
padarray = {}

while script.Parent.Parent == game.Workspace do
ranpad1 = math.random(1, #Pads)
ranpad2 = math.random(1, #Pads)

	ranpadchoosen = Pads[ranpad1]
	ranpadchoosen2 = Pads[ranpad2]
	for i = 0, 1, 0.05 do
		ranpadchoosen.Transparency = i
		ranpadchoosen2.Transparency = i

Instead of destroying the pads just set it so player’s can’t collide with them. Thus when the round is over you just need to loop through the pads and reset their properties to be reused.

i tried that but it didnt work since i still dont know how to remove them from the array

i mean that worked but sometimes it would choose one thats already gone

why not just clone this minigame to workspace when this minigame is selected in your round system and it will come to workspace with default model

then destroy the model once round is over