Discard progress on started bug reports if only the problem area has been selected

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to post a bug report in the right category after starting one previously and not posting it.

Posts that only fill out content on this page should be discarded and asked to start from the beginning.

A situation I’ve observed over three times is the following:

  1. They start making a bug report, but for whatever reason they don’t continue posting it.
  2. They go to create a bug report, the wizard saves the progress made from page 1
  3. They fill the required fields for the bug and post it
  4. They then only notice afterwards that the bug’s category is incorrect

This has almost happened to me a couple times as well, but I just happened to read the text at the bottom of the page before posting.


Even with the warnings at the top and bottom of the page that indicate the correct category, its still text that goes unread because of the positioning of it not being directly correlated to a specific field.

I can imagine this would help the teams at Roblox file/discover bugs more efficiently too if this was implemented.


Even I have done this. The only other valid alternative is making the category you’re about to post in more obvious, literally put it beside the post button, put it in the text on the post button.


They should definitely have a confirmation dialog.

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Yes already planning on doing this. Waiting for a bug fix from vendor of the plugin we use to roll in. Thanks!


What do you mean? is it the one from @Bobytoeburrito? if yes, then it’s already fixed!

Thanks I am aware that that fix was merged but that is only one part of it. I can’t really explain in detail how our forum deployment works sorry.

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This is solved, the bug report wizard now doesn’t save progress at all.

(note: it did not actually save any progress outside of the first page (issue area selector) before)

In the future we may save state of the second page if you’ve written anything there. We may also add a warning if you try to navigate away to warn you that you will lose the progress on the bug report.

In the mean-time the recommendation is to immediately finish + post the bug report. Hopefully a bug report should not take you more than a couple minutes to write. You can always edit it later to add more images/videos/etc. Our internal tools reflect any update you make to the post.



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